Expert Ceramic Coating Solutions for Cars in Honolulu

Auto Trim Hawaii is Honolulu’s leading provider of XPEL FUSION PLUS™ Ceramic Coating, offering unparalleled protection for vehicles, marine, and home surfaces. We are the city’s only shop of XPEL-certified technicians, meaning our team has undergone rigorous training, mastering the latest application techniques and product knowledge to deliver superior quality and durability.


Elevate the protection and aesthetics of your belongings with Auto Trim Hawaii’s elite XPEL FUSION PLUS™ Ceramic Coating solutions. Contact us today to schedule your service or request quote.


Explore the Benefits of Premium Ceramic Coating With Auto Trim Hawaii

Long-Lasting Protection

Guards against environmental hazards including UV rays, acid rain, and pollutants across all surfaces.

Enhanced Gloss and Shine

Boosts the shine and vibrancy of colors, applicable to cars, boats, and home exteriors.

Ease of Cleaning

Allows for easy cleaning, significantly reducing the buildup of dirt and grime on surfaces.

Thermal Resistance

Provides heat resistance to protect against extreme temperatures, suitable for various applications.

Prices vary depending on vehicle type. For a personalized quote, feel free to reach out to our team.

Discover XPEL FUSION PLUS™: Ceramic Coating Solutions for Every Surface

Discover the full range of FUSION PLUS™ ceramic coatings, designed to provide unparalleled protection and aesthetic enhancement for automotive, home, and marine surfaces.

Black Sedan with XPEL CS Color Stable Tint


FUSION PLUS™ AUTOMOTIVE coating is expertly formulated for automotive surfaces, including paint and protective films. This innovative solution offers unparalleled protection from environmental damage, UV rays, and contaminants, ensuring your car not only maintains its aesthetic appeal, but also its structural integrity.

Its unique properties include:

    • Enhanced defense against UV rays, oxidation, and environmental pollutants.
    • Superior hydrophobic characteristics for easy cleaning and maintenance.
    • Resistance to stains and chemical etching, preserving the vehicle’s appearance.
    • Improvement in surface clarity and color depth for a flawless finish.

XPEL FUSION PLUS™ Ceramic Coating Expert Application Process

At Auto Trim Hawaii, we take pride in our application of XPEL FUSION PLUS™ Ceramic Coating. Our process involves detailed preparation to ensure surfaces are flawlessly clean. We then apply the coating with precision for even, comprehensive coverage. The project’s duration varies, typically requiring a few hours for application, followed by a curing period of 24 to several days. This ensures the coating fully bonds for maximum durability and protection. Our expertise ensures your assets are treated with the highest care and professionalism.

Maintaining Your XPEL FUSION PLUS™ Ceramic Coating

To ensure the longevity and performance of your XPEL FUSION PLUS™ Ceramic Coating, regular maintenance is crucial. Washing the coated surface with a pH-neutral shampoo, using soft washing mitts, and drying with microfiber towels will prevent swirl marks and maintain the coating’s hydrophobic properties. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive tools. For optimal results, we recommend a maintenance check at Auto Trim Hawaii, where we can assess the coating’s condition and advise on any needed touch-ups to preserve its integrity and appearance.

Certifications and Industry Recognition

At Auto Trim Hawaii, we prioritize quality and professionalism. We are proud to be Oahu’s first 3M Certified graphics company. We also hold certifications from 3M, Arlon, Orafol, UASG, PDAA, KPMF & Avery as graphics installers. With our certifications and commitment to excellence, we assure you that your vehicle is in capable hands.

Experience Unmatched Ceramic Coating with Auto Trim Hawaii

Auto Trim Hawaii stands out as the premier choice for ceramic coating, offering unrivaled protection and beauty for your assets. With the only team of XPEL-certified technicians in Honolulu, we bring unparalleled expertise and precision to every project. Our commitment to using advanced XPEL FUSION PLUS™ technology ensures your car, boats, and homes receive the best defense against any of Hawaii’s surprises, whether you’re on the water or on the road.

Ready to safeguard your assets with the best in the business? Contact Auto Trim Hawaii today to schedule your service.



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